What is landscape gardening?

Landscape gardeners east London service has all the necessary expertise and equipment to provide decking, fencing and other landscape gardening services. Before we go into more details of what we offer as landscape gardeners, lets try and understand landscape gardening a bit and why it is so important for domestic and commercial properties.

Landscape gardening is an art of turning an empty or unnatural piece of land into a natural landscape that replicates the natural world on a smaller scale. This empty or unnatural piece of land could be a messy, overgrown and untidy garden area in domestic and commercial properties.

Why should we have a natural landscape garden?

There are several reasons for building and designing a garden that looks like the natural world around us. Most of the reasons can be categorized as benefits that we can get from gardens and natural landscapes in our homes and commercial properties. The following are some of the benefits.

Health Benefits

There are numerous health benefits of a natural greener landscape in our homes. It helps clean the air around our premises by reducing pollutants in the air, but most importantly, it provides an environment in our homes where we can relax and reduce the stress resulting from our life styles in the current era of personal, social and economic complexities. Our ancestors lived and evolved in natural environments. So, we as modern humans are naturally programmed for the need for exposure to nature and to love and enjoy the natural world. Researchers at the University of Michigan found in a study that an hour interaction with nature could increase our memory performance and attention span by 20%. But we, in modern world, don’t get the opportunity to have as much exposure to nature as our ancestors had. Our children are showing signs of Nature Deficit Disorder a term coined by Richard Louv. The effects of Nature Deficit Disorder could range from shorter attention span to developing symptoms of depression. If we have a garden in our home, it does fulfill our and our children’s need for exposure to nature to some extent.

Social Benefits

Open and natural landscapes also provide an opportunity for us, our family and friends to get together more often and have great time while we are free on weekends and seasonal occasions. Public gardens create opportunities for people from different communities to socialize, communicate and develop a sense of belonging and community ownership.

Economic Benefits

Gardens make our homes or other commercial properties look more attractive and hence increase the property value.

What do we do as Landscape Gardeners?

Our landscape gardeners east London service provides landscape and gardening services to properties in Walthamstow, East London and surrounding areas. At Landscape Machine, we provide a complete solution to your landscape and gardening needs. It consists of garden design, garden construction and garden maintenance etc. Please call us today to get a free quote.